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Discover and use a variety of unique rectangle symbols with ease. Perfect for social media, design projects, and more. No hassle, just copy and paste!

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Rectangle Symbols ▁ ▂ ▃ - Copy and Paste

Our rectangle symbols ▁ ▂ ▃ are perfect for various design projects and visual representations. Easily copy and paste these symbols to enhance your content.

Symbol Description Unicode
Lower One Eighth Block U+2581
Lower One Quarter Block U+2582
Lower Three Eighths Block U+2583
Lower Five Eighths Block U+2585
Lower Three Quarters Block U+2586
Lower Seven Eighths Block U+2587
Left Seven Eighths Block U+2589
Left Three Quarters Block U+258A
Left Five Eighths Block U+258B
Full Block U+2588
Left Half Block U+258C
Right Half Block U+2590
Left Three Eighths Block U+258D
Left One Quarter Block U+258E
Left One Eighth Block U+258F
Right One Eighth Block U+2595
Light Shade U+2591
Medium Shade U+2592
Dark Shade U+2593
White Rectangle U+25AD
Upper One Eighth Block U+2594
Black Rectangle U+25AC
Black Vertical Rectangle U+25AE
White Vertical Rectangle U+25AF
Black Parallelogram U+25B0
White Parallelogram U+25B1

How to Use ▁:

1. Find the Symbol: Look through the table above to find the rectangle symbol you like.

2. Copy the Symbol: Click on the symbol to copy it to your clipboard.

3. Paste the Symbol: Paste the copied symbol into your social media posts, messages, or design projects.

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These rectangle symbols work on most devices and platforms, such as:

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