Japanese Katakana and Hiragana Symbols ツ - Copy and Paste

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Japanese Katakana and Hiragana Symbols ツ - Copy and Paste

Easily copy and paste these Japanese Katakana and Hiragana symbols ツ for your social media, design projects, and more.

Symbol Description Unicode
Katakana Small Tsu U+30C3
Katakana Tsu U+30C4
Katakana Du U+30C5
Hiragana E U+3048
Hiragana Small O U+3049
Hiragana O U+304A
Hiragana Ka U+304B
Hiragana Ga U+304C
Hiragana Ki U+304D
Hiragana Gi U+304E
Hiragana Ke U+3051
Hiragana Ge U+3052
Hiragana Wa U+308F
Hiragana Go U+3054
Hiragana Sa U+3055
Hiragana Za U+3056
Hiragana Shi U+3057
Hiragana Ji U+3058
Hiragana Su U+3059
Hiragana Zu U+305A
Hiragana Se U+305B
Hiragana Ze U+305C
Hiragana So U+305D
Hiragana Zo U+305E
Hiragana Ta U+305F
Katakana Small Yo U+30E7
Katakana Yo U+30E8
Katakana Ra U+30E9
Katakana Ri U+30EA
Katakana Ru U+30EB
Hiragana Ko U+3053
Hiragana Small Ya U+3083
Hiragana Ya U+3084
Hiragana Small Yu U+3085
Hiragana Yu U+3086
Hiragana Da U+3060
Hiragana Chi U+3061
Hiragana Di U+3062
Katakana Small Wa U+30EE
Katakana Wa U+30EF
Katakana Wi U+30F0
Katakana We U+30F1
Hiragana Bi U+3073
Hiragana Pi U+3074
Hiragana Fu U+3075
Hiragana Bu U+3076
Hiragana Pu U+3077
Hiragana He U+3078
Hiragana Be U+3079
Hiragana Pe U+307A
Hiragana Ho U+307B
Hiragana Bo U+307C
Hiragana Po U+307D
Hiragana Ma U+307E
Hiragana Mi U+307F
Hiragana Mu U+3080
Katakana Wo U+30F2
Katakana N U+30F3
Katakana Vu U+30F4
Katakana Small Ka U+30F5
Katakana Small Ke U+30F6
Katakana Wa with Dakuten U+30F7
Katakana Wi with Dakuten U+30F8
Katakana We with Dakuten U+30F9
Katakana Wo with Dakuten U+30FA
Katakana Iteration Mark U+30FE
Hiragana Ku U+304F
Katakana Mi U+30DF
Katakana Te U+30C6
Katakana De U+30C7
Katakana To U+30C8
Katakana Do U+30C9
Katakana Na U+30CA
Hiragana Small Tsu U+3063
Hiragana Tsu U+3064
Hiragana Du U+3065
Hiragana Te U+3066
Hiragana De U+3067
Hiragana To U+3068
Hiragana Do U+3069
Hiragana Na U+306A
Hiragana Ni U+306B
Hiragana Nu U+306C
Katakana Re U+30EC
Katakana Ro U+30ED
Hiragana Small A U+3041
Hiragana A U+3042
Hiragana Small I U+3043
Hiragana I U+3044
Hiragana Small U U+3045
Hiragana U U+3046
Hiragana Small E U+3047
Hiragana Gu U+3050
Katakana Small U U+30A5
Katakana U U+30A6
Katakana Small E U+30A7
Katakana E U+30A8
Hiragana Ne U+306D
Hiragana No U+306E
Hiragana Ha U+306F
Hiragana Ba U+3070
Hiragana Pa U+3071
Hiragana Hi U+3072
Hiragana Me U+3081
Hiragana Mo U+3082
Hiragana Wi U+3090
Hiragana We U+3091
Hiragana Wo U+3092
Hiragana N U+3093
Hiragana Vu U+3094
Hiragana Small Ka U+3095
Hiragana Small Ke U+3096
Hiragana Voiced Iteration Mark U+309B
Hiragana Semi-Voiced Iteration Mark U+309C
Hiragana Iteration Mark U+309D
Hiragana Voiced Iteration Mark U+309E
Hiragana Digraph Yori U+309F
Katakana-Hiragana Double Hyphen U+30A0
Katakana Small A U+30A1
Katakana A U+30A2
Katakana Small I U+30A3
Katakana I U+30A4
Katakana Ka U+30AB
Katakana Ga U+30AC
Katakana Ki U+30AD
Katakana Gi U+30AE
Katakana Ku U+30AF
Katakana Gu U+30B0
Katakana Ke U+30B1
Katakana Ge U+30B2
Katakana Ko U+30B3
Katakana Go U+30B4
Katakana Sa U+30B5
Katakana Za U+30B6
Katakana Shi U+30B7
Katakana Ji U+30B8
Katakana Su U+30B9
Katakana Zu U+30BA
Katakana Se U+30BB
Katakana Ze U+30BC
Katakana So U+30BD
Katakana Zo U+30BE
Katakana Ta U+30BF
Katakana Da U+30C0
Katakana Chi U+30C1
Katakana Di U+30C2
Katakana Ni U+30CB
Katakana Nu U+30CC
Katakana Ne U+30CD
Katakana No U+30CE
Katakana Ha U+30CF
Katakana Ba U+30D0
Katakana Pa U+30D1
Katakana Hi U+30D2
Katakana Bi U+30D3
Katakana Pi U+30D4
Katakana Fu U+30D5
Katakana Bu U+30D6
Katakana Pu U+30D7
Katakana He U+30D8
Katakana Be U+30D9
Katakana Pe U+30DA
Katakana Ho U+30DB
Katakana Bo U+30DC
Katakana Po U+30DD
Katakana Ma U+30DE
Katakana Mu U+30DF
Katakana Me U+30E1
Katakana Mo U+30E2
Katakana Small Ya U+30E3
Katakana Ya U+30E4
Katakana Small Yu U+30E5
Katakana Yu U+30E6
Hiragana Small Yo U+3087
Hiragana Yo U+3088
Hiragana Ra U+3089
Hiragana Ri U+308A
Hiragana Ru U+308B
Hiragana Re U+308C
Hiragana Ro U+308D
Hiragana Small Wa U+308E
Katakana Small O U+30A9
Katakana O U+30AA