Weather and Measurement Symbols Β° ℃ ℉ - Copy and Paste

Discover and use a variety of unique unit symbols with ease. Perfect for social media, design projects, and more. No hassle, just copy and paste!

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Weather and Measurement Symbols Β° ℃ ℉ - Copy and Paste

Our weather and measurement symbols Β° ℃ ℉ are perfect for adding precise and clear details to your social media posts, designs, and more. Easily copy and paste these symbols to enhance your content.

Symbol Description Unicode
Β° Degree U+00B0
℃ Degree Celsius U+2103
℉ Degree Fahrenheit U+2109
ϟ High voltage U+03DF
β˜€ Sun U+2600
☁ Cloud U+2601
β˜‚ Umbrella U+2602
β˜ƒ Snowman U+2603
β˜‰ Sun symbol U+2609
☼ White sun U+263C
☽ First quarter moon U+263D
☾ Last quarter moon U+263E
♁ Earth symbol U+2641
♨ Hot springs U+2668
❄ Snowflake U+2744
❅ Tight snowflake U+2745
❆ Heavy snowflake U+2746
β˜‡ Thunderstorm U+2607
☈ Thunderstorm U+2608
β˜„ Comet U+2604
㎎ Milligram U+3395
㎏ Kilogram U+339E
㎜ Millimeter U+339C
㎝ Centimeter U+339D
㎞ Kilometer U+339F
㎑ Square meter U+33A1
㏄ Cubic centimeter U+33C4
㏎ Square kilometer U+33CE
㏑ Siemens U+33D1
㏒ Logarithm U+33D2
㏕ Parts per thousand U+33D5

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